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National 126 Single Pull Binding Brute


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National 126 Binding Brute features a highly maneuverable single-roller feed mechanism. Binds over four yards per minute with high strength lock stitch operation.



  • Single-pull roller feed mechanism makes the National 126 Binding Brute a highly maneuverable machine
  • Non-slip gear reduction drive with heavy duty motor, proudly made in the USA
  • Machine releases from the rolling base for easy table mounting with a foot control
  • Straight or zig-zag lockstitch for maximum binding strength
  • Ergonomically designed handle gives better visibility and reduces hand and arm fatigue
  • Permanent factory-set feed timing
  • Includes a 7/8" folder that accomodates binding and overserging tapes
  • Accomodates a variety of folder sizes
  • Binds at speeds over four yards per minute
  • Heavy duty ball-bearing wheels
  • Optional carrying case and speed control


  • Instructional DVD
  • Instruction manual
  • One spool of thread
  • One roll of sample binding
  • One roll of sample serging
  • Binding disc and plug
  • Container of Lubricant

Optional National 171 Carpet Base Attatchment

  • Easily attatches to the National 126 Binding Brute
  • Adjusts from 2.5" up to 6"Hands-free operation

National 126-N Speed Controller

  • Improve stitch quality and control of the Binding Brute by installing this upgrade kit from National
  • Easily installs to any Binding Brute
  • Proper speed improves control of the machine

National 126 Manual Available HERE










National 126 Single Pull Binding Brute