Privacy Policy

When you visit a, even if you don’t place an order with us, the following information is collected by us or stored on your computer. Having this information helps us analyze and improve our customers’ experience while using 

  1.       Your IP Address
  2.       Your Browser type and version
  3.       Your Operating system type and version
  4.       Web pages and other web resources accessed during your time on  
  5.       The time of day of your interactions with

None of this information allows us to identify you personally. 

We may store one or more “cookies” on your computer to help your browser remember what pages of our site you have visited to make your visit with us more convenient.  For an explanation of the types of cookies our website utilizes, please read our Cookie Policy. 

When an individual registers on or places an order through we collect and retain the following information:

  1.       Email
  2.       Telephone Number
  3.       Name
  4.       Billing/Shipping Address
  5.       List of products you ordered (item, quantity, price, tax amount,                    shipping fees, etc.)

This information is used by us to fulfill your order and to have a record for warranty purposes in case you need warranty service.  We do not keep a record of your credit or debit card information; that data is received only by our credit card processor,  We may also use the information collected to advise you of products that might interest you or about promotions we offer.  If we send you promotional emails, we will share your email address with the service provider we use to send those emails.  You can opt-out of future email promotions if you wish by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button in any promotional emails we send you. members will continue to receive promotional emails so long as they remain members of

We do not share the information you give us with anyone, nor will we, except to the extent necessary to fulfill your order, provide warranty service, or alert you to products of interest.  We do not sell your information to anyone for any purpose.  If you are ordering from outside the United States, we may refer your order to one of our international stocking distributors closer to your location who can more conveniently fulfill your order or warranty needs.

If you are a company placing an order with us through our website, we may collect and retain additional information in order to set up a company account for you.

If you have any questions about our privacy and data collection policies or related requests, you may contact our Data Manager at, or ask to speak to our Data Manager by calling 1-877-222-4477.