Montolit S63 24.8" Slalom Tile Cutter


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Manual tile cutter for both curved cutting of any type of ceramic or porcelain tiles and standard cuts.

Lay tiles artistically and carry out special designs on pavements and walls.

Maximum cutting dimension 63 cm.

Covered by international patent, this machine is the only one of its kind, and is capable of making curved cuts on the majority of tiles on the market. Thanks to the mobile slider, incisions can be made in tiles according to the desired trajectory. As well as solving the problem of cutting tiles in the vicinity of round columns, curved walls and circular shower trays, the machine opens up an infinite range of possibilities for tilers to create imaginative and artistic work.

Cutting capacity is 24" (90 degrees straight) & 17" (45 degrees diagonal) & up to 3/4" Thick. 

The handle is easily guided by the operator, thus ensuring execution of the incision as desired. For special decorations or repetitive cuts, the machine can be equipped with a variable template (optional art.SR000B). Fluidity and precision are ensured by special slide bushes and ground steel rails. The machine is also capable of making straight and diagonal cuts, by fixing the slider with the respective locking screw.

Incision wheel with over sized diameter in hard metal and special titanium coating to ensure better fluidity and long life, even when used on increasingly hard, new materials (porcelain tile, klinker, etc.). Millimetric square in nickel-plated metal, for linear and inclined cuts. Tile support table in phenol-glued plywood. Non-slip feet.

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Variable Radius Template AVAILABLE HERE

Carbide Scoring Wheel Replacement AVAILABLE HERE

Montolit S63 24.8" Slalom Tile Cutter