Leister Triac AT Advanced Heat Welding Kit


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The Leister Heat Welding Kit comes with everything needed for the professional heat weld flooring installer. Welder, high speed tips, feed roller, pull groover, spatula knife, trim plate, diamond sharpening pad, steel tool box carrying case and more!

Leister Heat Welding Kit

120 volt -1600 watts. For all your hand welding needs. Features exclusive heat shield to help prevent burning. Variable temperature control to 620°c.

The Professional Advanced Kit for Heat Welding of homogeneous floor and wall coverings. Kit complete with, 4mm round speed nozzle, 5mm round speed nozzle, Pull Groover, Diamond Sharpening Pad, Spatula Knife, Special Feed Roller, Trim Plate Knife, Tool Rest with Tray, 4mm classic nozzle, 5.7mm triangular speed nozzle, hot cutter tool, teflon repair pad, curved tip spatula, trim plate knife, groover (120v)  and Tool Boxes for both the Welder and Groover.

Triac AT features:

  • 120V 1600W
  • Digital Read Out
  • Blower Speed Control
  • Digital Temp Control

Manual Available HERE

Leister Triac AT Advanced Heat Welding Kit