ISHII AH-870S2 Premium Jet Turbo 34-1/4" Tile Cutter


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The No. AH-870S2 makes 34-1/4" straight cuts and 24-1/4" diagonal cuts.

This cutter has a wheel holder held in place by a wing screw that adjusts for four scoring height positions to allow scoring and cutting tiles up to 3/4" thick.

The handle and bearing block assembly has a total of six ball bearings, rides over a chrome plated H-shaped steel rail and is adjustable to maintain smooth scoring action.

The two 16" long steel extension arms can be positioned anywhere along the base and are spring loaded to hold any position from 0° to 180° with the base.

The scoring and cutting handle is also spring loaded and returns to the ‘Up’ position when released. Cutter has a 12" long protractor gauge, 13" long spring loaded front base, sturdy die cast aluminum construction with an extruded aluminum base, a 4-3/4" wide breaker foot and a 4-1/4" long steel protector cap. In addition to the No. 22X Wheel, the No. 137XA 14 mm (9/16") diameter solid carbide scoring wheel mounted on a ball bearing is also supplied in a spare wheel holder. This wheel gives better scoring performance on rough texture tiles.

Cutter weighs 29 lbs.

ISHII AH-870S2 Premium Jet Turbo 34-1/4" Tile Cutter