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Eddy Multi-Purpose Scraper Floor Stripper


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The perfect multi-purpose scraper!

  • Ideal for removing carpet, vinyl, linoleum, on plywood or concrete sub floors, underpadding and old glue, stair treads and landing rubber tiles

  • Includes 3 different kind of blades and with an extension handle.

  • Weighs 25 lbs and with the handle attached it weighs 32 lbs!

  • Because of its light weight, this tool allows you to work in confined spaces like stairs, attics or cellars. 

Replacement Blades:

5-3/8" (10 pack)

9" (10 pack)

4" Parquetry (3 pack)

1.5" Side Blades (10 pack)

3"x7" Durablade 

Multi-Purpose Scraper includes:

  • 4 inch double-sided blade

  • 6 inch blade

  • 9 inch blade

  • 2 each side blades (L & R)

  • All blade holders

  • Bolts & Hex Screwdriver

  • Complete Handle

    No more struggling with floor covering preparation

    Removes: carpeting, underpadding and vinyl tiles, glue, etc.

    Easy to handle

    Removable and easy-to-replace blades

    Works quickly, can be used on stairs

    • Absolute lightness: 25 lbs (11.34 Kg)

    • Removable Handle: 7 lbs ( 3.20 Kg)

    • Total weight: 32 lbs (14.54 Kg)

    • Ideal for new floor covering preparation

    Parts List Available HERE

       Please note: Eddy warranty is 1 year & covers parts + labor; any freight charges are not covered

      Eddy Multi-Purpose Scraper Floor Stripper