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Taylor Tools 893L Lighted Seam Weld Iron


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The 1-Step Seaming Iron’s unique welding head applies a precise amount of hot melt adhesive to the carpet seam edges, locking in the face yarns while simultaneously welding the seam together.

The result? A joint that is actually stronger than the rest of the carpet with a seam that will remain flat even after stretching with virtually no seam peaking.

The Nap Light option for all Taylor Tools seaming irons helps prevent seaming errors by providing illumination to the most critical area of the seaming operation.

This combination of floodlight and spotlight built into the handle is powered by the iron’s 110V AC current and automatically lights up when the iron is plugged in.

Ideal for closets and other poorly lit work areas, the Nap Light lets you clearly see the smallest details.

Makes Better Seams!

  • Minimizes handling
  • Provides a perfect, lay-flat, no-peak seam. . .every time!
  • Actually fortifies the seam - now the seam is the strongest part of the carpet
  • Ideal for restoration

Taylor Tools 893L Lighted Seam Weld Iron