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Taylor Ceramic/Vinyl Kit


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Using the Ceramic/Vinyl Doctor, you will be able to quickly and easily touch-up and repair a wide range of imperfections and impairments to ceramic or resilient flooring, countertops, and other surfaces.


Kit Includes:



        • Finishing Planer


        • Hollow Ground Scraper


        • Hot Knife


        • Wire Stand, Hot Knife


        • Felt Pad W/Abrasive


        • Felt Pad, Smooth


        • Edge Preparation Pens:


        • Natural Light


        • Beech Edge


        • Cherry Wood


        • Mahogany


        • Carrying Case


        • 16 Thermo plastic colors



The colors of the polymer bars in Ceramic/Vinyl Doctor can also be mixed and matched to duplicate the common colors of tile materials.

Taylor Ceramic/Vinyl Kit