Pulse-Bac 2450 Longopac Bagger HPLM Series Vacuum


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HPLM vacuums provide a huge amount of power on a lightweight frame. Designed to be used with large concrete grinders and other surface preparation equipment or as a dedicated dust collector for manufacturing machinery, they provide a platform that is up to 70% lighter than vacuums with similar power levels.

*Bagger package comes with assembled unit with TCS, Longopac Bagger with filters, (3) Longopac Bag Replacements with ties, Bag Cutter, Tie Gun, (1) 3"x 25" Hose, Remote Control and Replacement Filters.

Longopac Bagger

Similar to the Revolution 360 Bagger found on our 1000 Series the HPLM Bagger option is strong, durable and maneuverable. Made of 12 gauge U.S. Steel and powder coated to prevent rust, this unique bagger design allows the user to grab and go from any direction and will fit through a standard 36″ doorway. Bagger units feature the Longopac Endless Bagging system and are equipped with our patented Easy Empty Valve System that allows the user to dump dust and debris without turning the vacuum off.

Lighter. Stronger. Easier.

What is HPLM? Put simply, it’s the highest power to weight ratio you will find in a vacuum today. With the highest CFM of all the series, they weigh in at just 208lbs. HPLM vacuums supply all the power you need in a portable package that saves time and trouble. Designed to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, large power tools and for job site large scale clean up operation, the HPLM vacuums are ideal for work involving dust from concrete, drywall, wood and many other materials. A great fit for surface preparation and manufacturing. The HPLM Series is compliant with OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule.

Airflow: 450-690 CFM
Weight: 208lbs.
Filtration: HEPA 99.97% @ .3 Microns
Inlet: 3″
Collection: Longopac Bagger or 55 Gal. Drum


Model: 2450/2450D
CFM: 450
Life: 110"
HEPA: Single-stage
Collection: Longopac/55 Gal. Drum
Weight: 205 lbs.
Current: 12A
Voltage: 220V

HPLM Power Options

Like the 1000 Series HPLM vacuums are essentially identical on the outside and are available in different power and collection options. This combination of power and versatility makes HPLM well suited for a variety of applications.

The 2450 features a twin motor power plant that provides an impressive 450 CFM & 110″ of lift. This unit offers excellent performance for mid-sized walk behind grinders, scarifiers and other large surface preparation equipment. The 2450 is also at home in a manufacturing environment where it can serve as a dedicated dust collector for stationary machinery.

Self-Cleaning Technology

Everyone has dealt with the trouble that a clogged vacuum filter creates, it takes up valuable time and creates a mess. Pulse-Bac solves this problem with our patented Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology™ that automatically cleans the filter while you work. Others may claim to have “automatic” or “pulse” filter cleaning, but look closely and you’ll see that they fall short of the original, requiring extra equipment like air compressors or manual gadgets that require work to stop for filter cleaning. These don’t truly solve the problem and make for more work. Only vacuums with the Pulse-Bac® name use our unique technology to automatically clean the filter while you work.

Remote Start

Everyone has wanted this feature when they’ve started their tool before the vacuum. The remote fob included with HPLM Series vacuums can start the vacuum with the push of a button from up to 180 feet away.

Standing Empty

We’ve made our awesome Easy Empty System even better with the addition of the Standing Auto-Close feature. This allows the user to open the dump valve releasing the collected dust & debris from a comfortable standing position and then automatically closes the valve once the lever is released.

Cyclonic Debris Management

The Cyclonic Debris Management system comes standard on all vacuum tanks, extenders, and preseparators. Our CDM system works with our pulsing technology and prevents upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter. The CDM system stops dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters and holds it at the bottom of the tank until discarded.

Pulse-Bac 2450 Longopac Bagger HPLM Series Vacuum