PreFloor Aluminum Commercial Loading Van Ramp


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Convenient System for Loading and Unloading Commercial Vans

Easily load and unload your cargo van with this convenient aluminum ramp. Mounted right inside the van doors, this ramp takes up only 7-1/2" of floor space, and swings open on a hinge system allowing you access to the back of the van without removing or setting up the ramp. To lower and raise the ramp, simply use the wireless remote winch that is powered by the vehicle's electrical system. 

Features and Benefits

  • Takes up only 7-1/2" of floor space

  • Ramp raises and lowers via a wireless remote winch

  • 2,500 weigh capacity

  • Available in 32" and 36" lengths

  • Manufactured from durable aluminum, won't rust or corrode

The Aluminum Gated Commercial Van Ramp System Includes:

Aluminum Ramp - This versatile aluminum ramp has a 2500-lb weight capacity, and is ideal for loading and unloading any commercial van. For added convenience, remove the ramp's center hinge pin and use the lower half as a standalone 5' detached ramp.

Straps - These 21' long straps securely lower and raise the ramp, and can be attached to the load assist bar to help in loading heavy items. 

Winch with Wireless Remote - With a 2,500-lb weight capacity, this wireless remote controlled winch is powered by the vehicle's electrical system and safely raises and lowers the ramp.

Load assist bar - Safely and easily load heavy items with the included load assist bar. Once the straps are attached, this bar helps pull large and bulky materials and equipment up the ramp with ease. 

Deluxe Model - Includes an accessory leg kit to convert the ramp into a stable workbench.

Fits Most Euro-Style Cargo Vans Including:

  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Freightliner Sprinter
  • Dodge Promaster
  • Nissan NV Cargo High Roof


PreFloor Aluminum Commercial Loading Van Ramp