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National Equipment 8000 Propane Powered Ride On Machine


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This heavy duty propane powered scraper sets the operational standard for high removal rates!

This 2,842-pound scraper rivals other manufacturers' heavier machines. Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, the 8000 offers the speed and power of propane while also combining patented carbide angle-shank technology with the added efficiency of dual-lift hydraulic slide plates. Consistent torque sets the operational standard for high removal rates, and each machine undergoes a rigorous quality assurance program including emissions certification.

National's patented carbide angle shank technology combined with the added efficiency advantage of the 8000's dual lift hydraulic slide plate affords this 2,887 lb scraper to rival 3,500 lb class units.

Included with the 8000

  • 7050-6: 6” Cutting Head
  • 7050-12: 12” Cutting Head
  • 6277: 12” .094 Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
  • 6284: 12” .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 6285: 6” .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 6286: 10” .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 7079-2: 2” Angle Shank with Carbide Tip
  • 5110-100: Front Wheel Assembly
  • 74854: Weight, 37 lb (10) (Front)
  • 400197: Weight, 28 lb (11) (Front)
  • 402102: Weight, 84 lb (4) (Front)
  • 5110-404: Weight, 75 lb (1) (Rear)
  • 402139: Propane Tanks (2)
  • 75007: CO Detector (2)
  • 75008: Clip (2)
  • 5700-88: Hour Meter
  • 1009: Safety Glasses
  • 70549: Wrench
  • Instruction Manual


  • This scraper comes standard with National's 6700 series dual lift hydraulic slide plate; allowing the operator to make angle adjustments on the fly. The dual hydraulic hand controls promote operator flexibility while simultaneously adjusting the slide plate height and the angle adjustment of the cutting head blade. These combined features extend the blade life and offer up to 25% more productivity. The hydraulic lift plate provides an additional 200 pounds of front weight, increasing down pressure on the cutting head.

  • The adjustable slide plate affords maximum versatility in blade settings. Operating in conjunction with the adjustable slide plate, the swivel head action of the blade holder assures the scraper continuous blade contact with the floor.

  • Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, National's 8000 benefits from both the speed and power of a hydraulic drive. This hydraulic design provides the scraper with consistent and continuous torque resulting in more productivity and higher removal rates.

  • The 25 HP, liquid cooled Kawasaki engine, is re-engineered with National's exclusive catalytic design; granting the lowest emissions in the industry. Each machine is individually load tested for emission certification and submitted through a rigorous quality assurance program.

  • The ergonomic design is comprised of an adjustable driver’s seat, movable foot pegs and an adjustable slide plate; this corrects the operator’s seat position to provide optimal comfort and line of sight.

  • For safety, the scraper is equipped with an automatic kill switch.  It will not function without a person in the operator seat.

  • The precise hydraulic steering system enables tight maneuvering and a zero turn radius.

  • Equipped with non-marking tires.

  • Patent No.  6,813,834 – 7,562,412 – 7,082,68

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    Part # Details
    6284 3" x 12" Heavy Duty Blade
    6258 3" x 12" Bevel Up Self Scoring Blade
    7079-2 7079-2: 2" x 6" Angle Shank with Carbide Tip

    Standard Metric
    Width* 30" 76 cm
    Height 61" 155 cm
    Length* 63" 160 cm
    Weight** 2,842 lb 1,310 kg
    Removable Weight 958 lb front, 75 lb rear 455 kg front, 34 kg rear
    Weight (machine only)** 1,809 lb 820.6 kg
    Speed up to 200 ft/min up to 61 m/min
    HP 25 18.6 kW


    *Measurements are without tooling attached

    **Weight may vary depending on fill level and size of propane tank on machine.

    **Please note that this machine must be shipped to a commercial address or additional charges may incur.

    Click here for the National 8000 Service Manual


    National Equipment 8000 Propane Powered Ride On Machine