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National 2900DL High Speed Ride On Floor Scraper Machine


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Designed for high speed soft goods removal!

This machine is a durable, emission-free, budget-conscious workhorse. The 2900 will remove VCT and other soft and hard goods quickly and efficiently for time-sensitive applications.

The 2900 is available with or without the Dual Lift. The Dual Lift feature adds operator controls for adjusting blade pitch and angle while remaining seated.

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Additional Features

  • This machine is a durable, emission-free, budget conscious "work horse."

  • Designed specifically for high speed soft goods removal, the 2900 will remove VCT quickly and efficiently.

  • With a precise hydraulic steering system and a zero turn radius, it permits the operator to maneuver in tight spaces or confined work areas.

  • The compact design enables this scraper to fit through standard door frames and most passenger and freight elevators.

  • The adjustable slide plate offers optimal versatility in blade settings. Operating in conjunction with the adjustable slide plate, the swivel head action of the blade holder enables constant blade contact with the surface. These combined features extend the blade life and increase the 2900's removal rates.

  • Equipped with non-marking tires.

  • Easily accessible fork lift slots.

Included with the 2900

  • 7050-6: 6" Cutting Head
  • 7050-10: 10" Cutting Head
  • 7050-12: 12" Cutting Head
  • 6260-BD: 3" x 6" .094 Bevel Down Self-Scoring Blade
  • 6284: 3" x 12" .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 6285: 3" x 6" .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 6286: 3" x 10" .094 Heavy Duty Blade
  • 5110-100: Front Wheel Assembly
  • 402929: Wrench
  • 1009: Safety Glasses
  • 73507: 7' Extension Cord
  • Instruction Manual


7050-15 Cutting Head Extension

National 2900 Manual Available HERE

National 2900DL High Speed Ride On Floor Scraper Machine