Fang Multi-Tool

Fang Hardwood Flooring Multi-Tool

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The FANG Hardwood Flooring Multi-Tool

Imagine how much easier your life could be if you never had to pound screwdrivers into the subfloor or pry against baseboards, or search for tools or carry a loaded pocket or pouch full of them again!

This tool was created by a hardwood flooring installer for the hardwood flooring installer, and has proven itself invaluable wherever it’s used. If this tool only saved you 10 minutes a day, in a year that’s a 40 hour work week of time and money. That’s time you could be shopping with your wife and money she could be spending.

This tool can also be used to:

  • Chisel Tongues

  • Remove Baseboards

  • Pry Door Casing

  • Make Miscellaneous Demolition Easier

  • Bang Nails Down Under Toe Kicks

  • Pry and Wedge Around Awkward Obstacles

  • And more!


Fang Hardwood Flooring Multi-Tool

$69.95 $75.00 6% Off