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Eddy Floor Scraper Tile Breaker (TB3)


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Ergonomic tool for removal of ceramic and porcelain tiles and mortar!


  • Portable tool ideal for breaking and removing ceramic, porcelain tiles & mortar.

  • Ergonomic tool designed to reduce physical efforts and prevent injuries thus improving health and safety of the workers in construction industry.

  • Electric actuator is used to change the chisel attack angle while the handle height and position are fixed. This provides a comfortable working position for the operator in both removing tiles in lower chisel attack angles and removing mortar in higher chisel attack angles.

  • Only weighs 65 lbs  and when the handle is folded down its' height is only 25in!

It comes with three sizes of chisels; 1”, 2” & 3”. TB3 comes with a few additional features compared to its ancestors including a heavy duty angle adjusting system, a carriage handle, a push plate at the back, stronger structure and improved lubrication system.



      • Overall length: 25 ¼"

      • Net weight: 55lbs

      • Power supply: 120 V - 11 amps 60Hz

      • Rated input power: 1300 W (11A)

      • Max. Impact rate:100-3600/Min.

Eddy Tile Breaker Manual Available HERE

Please note: Eddy warranty is 1 year & covers parts + labor; any freight charges are not covered

    Eddy Floor Scraper Tile Breaker (TB3)