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Crain 635 Opto Power Tacker


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To make a better tacker try making a more durable switch!

This tacker also has a long, slender nose that more easily parts yarns to penetrate down to the carpet's backing.

The short overall height, narrow profile, and rounded cap allow it to get into tight areas.

The Opto Power Tacker has a hardy electronic control board including an optical sensor that fires in response to the motion of the trigger. The delicate switch of previous tackers, which frequently required repair, has been eliminated. Powerful 11 AMP solenoid drives staples even into hardwoods. Jam-resistant magazine is rigidly mounted on a boxed frame and opens with a simple release button. Once open, the staple channel is easily accessible for removal of broken staples.


  • Takes DuoFast® No. 5418D or No. 5418C staples,or generics.
  • Comes with case and staple saver box. DuoFast® for Duo-Fast size box

Crain 635 Opto Power Tacker