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Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker


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With this Crain 605, you will feel the quality as soon as you pick it up!


  • Crain 605 knee kicker has the New Power Rod construction provides improved force transfer from the kicker body through to the pin plate.

  • The pin depth adjustment assembly is more durable and precise due to added support from the power rods.

  • New chrome finish is attractive and highly durable.

  • The high profile head easily spans stretcher heads or tubes.


  • New soft synthetic rubber grip on the neck

  • Attractive brilliant silver finish

  • Length is adjustable with 5 settings from 18-1/2" to 22-1/2"

  • Visual pin depth dial provides 9 settings for various carpets

  • Internal power rods support the pin plate and pin depth assembly

  • Gripping head includes three nap grips and a pin plate with 16 hardened steel pins

  • Comes with gripper cap cover with internal clips

  • Weighs 5-1/8 lbs.

Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker