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National Equipment 6280-HD Gladiator Heavy Duty Hydraulic Self-Propelled Floor Scraper

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Removes the worst of today's hard & soft goods!

The Gladiator removes the worst of today’s hard and soft goods, such as ceramic tile, wood floors, thin-set, sheet vinyl, linoleum, and more. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces, while the side slide weights add extra head pressure when forward and improved traction when moved over the back wheels.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Gladiator

The heavier and more powerful big brother of the 6280 Commander, this heavy duty, hydraulically driven forward and reverse self-propelled walk behind scraper is designed to efficiently remove both soft and hard goods. The features of this machine reduce operator fatigue while optimizing time and labor savings to complete jobs swiftly and economically. It is ideal for use in confined spaces such as bathrooms, freezers and electrical utility rooms.

Included with the 6280HD Gladiator

  • 7050-200: 3" X 6" Premium High Tempered Blade
  • 7050-202: 3" X 10" Premium High Tempered Blade
  • 6276-BU 3" X 10" Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
  • 6258: 3" X 12" Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
  • 7050-203: 3" X 12" Premium High Tempered Blade
  • 7050-204: 3" X 14" Premium High Tempered Blade
  • 7280-2C: 30o Angle Attachment
  • 7280-6: 6" Cutting Head
  • 7280-12: 12" Cutting Head
  • 7281-1: 6" Carbide Shank
  • 7280-4: Retainer Cap Assembly
  • 6280HD-250: Transport Wheel Assembly
  • Instruction Manual

 Additional Features

  • The 6280HD Gladiator is designed for both the fast and efficient removal of soft goods (carpet, glues, mastic, VCT, VAT and most industry adhesives) as well as tough industrial removal of hard goods (most ceramics, various hardwoods, motor mixes and mud baths). It’s patented hydraulic drive operates in both forward and reverse positions providing industry leading operator comfort, ease of use and increased production.  Adding to its overall functionality is the ability to quickly adjust head torque by utilizing the easy access variable speed control.

  • The standard swivel head attachment in conjunction with the accelerated RPM oscillating cutting head insures efficient removal through the most difficult material. The swivel head attachment provides 100% consistent surface contact regardless of the demolition material and promotes blade longevity.

  • The 360 degree ergonomically designed hand grips insure operator comfort regardless of handle position.   Simply apply light pressure to move forward and pull back for reverse. The more pressure you apply the faster you go!

  • The 6280HD Gladiator incorporates a six position adjustable handle that enables the operator to work under counters, in utility rooms and other confined areas.  The adjustable handle can be collapsed toward the front of the scraper to save space when transporting from one job site to the next.

  • Self-cleaning industrial-grade traction wheels disengage for loading and unloading.

  • Operates at a low decibel rating for occupied spaces such as hospitals, schools, offices and government facilities.78 pounds of front weight down pressure works in tandem with the adjustable, counter-balanced, slide-weight system. These apply additional pressure to the scraper head as desired. However, if the job calls for added traction, slide the side weights back to apply more weight over the travel wheels.

  • Industrial motor equipped with a thermal-overload protection circuit breaker cord to eliminate unnecessary strain and motor over-excursion.

Prefloor Distributors recommends adding these accessories to your order, so you can stay in the work longer. 

Part # Details
7050-202 3" x 10" Premium High Tempered Blade
6258 3" x 12" Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
721-128 4" x 2" Angle Shank with Carbide Tip

Standard Metric
Width 17.75" 45 cm
Max. Height 46.75" 119 cm
Min. Height (handle folded) 29.75" 76 cm
Max. Length (handle extended) 49.5" 126 cm
Min. Length (handle folded) 29.5" 75 cm
Weight 490 lb 222.3 kg
Removable Weight 78 lb front, 43 lb side 35.4 kg front, 19.5 kg side
Weight (machine only) 369 lb 167.4 kg
Speed up to 30 ft/min 9.1 m/min
RPM 1725/1438
Voltage 115/230
Frequency 60/50 Hz
HP 1.5 1.12 kW
Amps (full load) 14.7/10.5


 **Please note that this machine must be shipped to a commercial address or additional charges may incur.



National Equipment 6280-HD Gladiator Heavy Duty Hydraulic Self-Propelled Floor Scraper

$16,789.89 $17,389.28 3% Off