Chilewich Bark Basketweave 72" Marine Floor Covering Fabric


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American Made. Distinctive design, rich woven textures, & multi-tonal colors. These are some of the many features of Chilewich's Marine Floor Covering Fabric.

Fabric is stain resistant, moisture proof, and mold & mildew resistant. 

Available with BioFelt, TPO, latex, or vinyl backing. 

TPO backing is characterized by high impact resistance, low density and good chemical resistance. These features make it ideal for marine application:

  • Long fatigue life
  • Great Bond Strength
  • Excellent wear resistance 
  • Performs extremely well across a full range of temperatures 
  • Unsurpassed resilience which enables the product to keep its form
  • Guards against vibrations & noise

Easy to clean!

Each quantity equals a three yard piece, added together, with the width being set at 72 inches on a roll. Please note: minimum order is 3 yards long by 72 inches.

EX: Ordering 2 of this product in a roll will mean you ordered a 6 yard by 72 inch roll. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

Chilewich Bark Basketweave 72" Marine Floor Covering Fabric