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Local Services

Carpet Binding
Pre-Floor offers a carpet binding service to create finished area rugs from carpet remnants or scrap pieces of carpet. Our standard binding is a woven 7/8″ width polyester binding tape. We have colors to match nearly any carpet. We also offer premium binding services including wide binding and premium serging. 


  • • Standard 7/8″ polyester binding – $1.00 per foot 
  • • Standard 7/8″ polyester binding for carpet base – $0.35 per foot
  • • Call 910 452 5200 for special orders such as serging, wide binding, and custom rugs


Tool Repair
Pre-Floor can repair a variety of broken tool including nail guns, staplers, seaming irons, jamb saws and many others. Drop your tool off at our location for an estimate on repair costs.

Tool Sharpening
Pre-Floor offers a sharpening service for almost any cutting tool including carbide blades, knives, scissors, garden tools, and anything else with a cutting edge. Call 910 452 5200 for an estimate on the sharpening cost of your tool.

Rebond Pad Recycling
We will accept any scrap foam padding for recycling. If you are an installer or retailer and have a large amount of scrap pad, we have pad bins available. These are left at the site and picked up when full.