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Stair-Pro Kit (SP-016)

The Stair-Pro Kit includes a complete set of tools to aid in the layout of all types of stair treads, risers, skirting and even newel and baluster posts installation. The Stair-Pro can be used on a variety of stair configurations ranging from 26″ to 49-3/8″ wide, when used in conjunction with the proper template. Each end of the Stair-Pro holds a chipboard template onto which the wall contour is scribed. The template is then simply scored and snapped to the exact contour to ensure a perfect fit. The Stair-Pro can also be used as a vertical layout tool as both ends come equipped with a plumb vial. Oscillating wand attachments can be set from 0° to 55°. The Stair-Pro has molded plastic construction with a metal sliding mechanism. All adjustments have a knob screw to lock their position. The kit includes the Stair-Pro, No. T-1204 Templates (10/pk), No. TG-008 8″ Trim Gauge, No. BB-001 Brass Button Stops, carpenter pencil, Stair-Pro dvd, usage handbook and a canvas storage bag. Made in the U.S.A. and weighs 2-3/4 lbs.

$295.50 $265.00