Earn points and get big discounts with our Rewards Program!

Want to get a discount on all your flooring tool related purchases? Every purchase, review, referral and so on brings you certain amount of Reward Points that can be spent on your purchases at Pre-Floor. Buy a tool or any flooring product and get money in reward!

How does it work?

All registered customers receive points after certain activity on Pre-Floor's online store. Write a review for a tool, refer a friend to shop at Pre-Floor, or make any purchase and earn points. Every action adds points to your balance which you can view by clicking "My Account" at the top of every page. You can spend these points on any tools, flooring, or supplies. Here are some of the ways you can earn Reward Points:

Action Reward
 Every dollar spent 2 points
 Register an account 25 points
 Write a review for a product (Limit 2 per day) 50 points
 Refer a friend who then makes a purchase 250 points + 10% of their purchase amount
 Subscribe to our newsletter 25 points
 Brand Loyalty Bonus! Order 2 or more products from only one manufacturer 100 points
 Keep an eye on our newsletter and our blog for limited promotional codes! ??? points


How do I get started?

It's simple! All you have to do is register an account and you are automatically enrolled with 25 bonus points. Click here to get started toay!

How do I use my points?

During the checkout process you will be asked how many points you would like to use towards your purchase. When your order is processed the points will be deducted and your discount will be granted. 

How do I refer friends?

Go to your account page and click "My Invitations" on the left side to get your invitation link. You can also send invitation e-mails from this page. 

Points are calculated before tax and shipping. There is no maximum point value that can be used on any one order. If an order is returned or cancelled, any points earned from that order are lost. If points are used on an order which is later returned or cancelled, any points used will be refunded. There is no point maximum. Reward points never expire and cannot be transferred. Product reviews are subject to approval before points will be awarded. All orders made with points are subject to approval before shipment. Point redemption and earning rates are subject to change without notice.