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National 7700 High Speed All Day Battery Powered Ride On Rip Up Machine

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National 7700 High Speed All Day Battery Powered Ride On Rip Up Machine

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Powered by 12 200-amp hour batteries which exceed the industry standard, this machine is everything you need it to be. Bigger, heavier, and faster than the 5700, it is designed to remove difficult material and built to operate on almost any job site.

one year warranty


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The 7700 is the bigger, heavier and faster version of the 5700. With many similarities and the rugged professional standards, it is designed with more weight band built to remove difficult material; while still using National’s industry leading battery configuration. The 7700 includes a 6700 series dual lift hydraulic slide plate. This adds weight to the front of the machine and allows the operator to easily adjust the height and angle of the slide plate without turning any wrenches! This precise angle adjustment of the cutting head with hydraulic control, keeps the operator safely seated while increasing blade life and adding 15 - 25% productivity. The unique handle design and valve system allows precise and accurate control of the machines movement and speed.

  • The 7700 All-Day Battery powered emissions free scraper sets the operational standard for high removal rates. National’s patented carbide angle shank technology combined with the added efficiency advantage of the 6700 Series dual lift hydraulic slide plate affords this 2,757 lb. scraper to rival 3,500 lb. class units.
  • This battery powered scraper operates for up to 8 hours on a single charge. National’s innovative technology incorporates a series of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries that are charged using an on board charging system powered by 115 volts. This AGM technology provides contractors with 100 % power, speed and torque for 90% of the batteries run cycle. 
  • This scraper comes standard with National’s 6700 series dual lift hydraulic slide plate; allowing the operator to make adjustments on the fly. The dual hydraulic hand controls promote operator flexibility while simultaneously adjusting the slide plate height and the angle adjustment of the cutting head blade. These combined features extend the blade life and offer up to 25% more productivity. The hydraulic lift plate provides additional front weight, increasing down pressure on the cutting head.
  • Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, National’s 7700 benefits from both the speed and power of a hydraulic drive. This hydraulic design provides the scraper with consistent and continuous torque resulting in more productivity and higher removal rates.
  • For safety, the scraper is equipped with an automatic kill switch.  It will not function without a person in the operator seat.
  • The adjustable slide plate affords maximum versatility in blade settings. Operating in conjunction with the adjustable slide plate, the swivel head action of the blade holder assures the scraper continuous blade contact with the floor. 
  • The ergonomic design is comprised of moveable foot pegs and an adjustable seat; this corrects the operator’s position to provide optimal comfort and line of sight.
  • The precise hydraulic steering system enables tight maneuvering and a zero turn radius.
  • The industry’s largest selection of scraper blades, including our patented line, is always in stock and available.  These blades are constructed and gaged at a specific Rockwell hardness, ensuring maximum production rates and longevity.  National’s patented carbide blades are engineered for the toughest ceramic and hardwood removal applications.
  • The machine is accompanied with a start-up package including front travel wheels, assorted flat & self-scoring scraper blades and National’s patented carbide angle shanks.
  • The machine is equipped with easily accessible fork lift slots and non-marking tires. 
  • There is a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.
  • Patent No.  6,813,834 – 7,562,412 – 7,082,686

Included with the 7700

  • 7050-6: 6-inch cutting head
  • 7050-12: 12-inch cutting head
  • 6277: 12-inch .094 bevel up self-scoring blade
  • 6284: 12-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6285: 6-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6286: 10-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 7079-2: 2-inch angle shank with carbide tip
  • 5110-100: Transport wheels
  • 74854: Weight, 37 pounds (5) (front)
  • 402929: Wrench
  • 7-foot, 12-gauge extension cord for charging the machine
  • Instruction manual
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

Recommended Accessories

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Part # Details
6284 3" x 12" Heavy Duty Blade
6258 3" x 12" Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
7079-2 2" x 6" Angle Shank with Carbide Tip


Width* 30" 76 cm
Height 51" 130 cm
Length* 58.5" 161 cm
Weight 2,757 lb 1,250.6 kg
Removable Weight 185 lb front 83.9 kg
Weight (machine only) 2,572 lb 1,167 kg
Speed up to 200 ft/min up to 61 m/min
Voltage 115/230  
Frequency 60/50 Hz

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer National
Product Type Rip Up Tools
SKU N-7700