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Replacement Parts for Crain 810 Super Saw

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Replacement Parts for Crain 810 Super Saw

Replacement Parts for Crain 810 Super Saw. View product details for part options.

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*Please note there is a $20.00 drop ship cost we are required to place on all orders for Crain replacement parts *



No. 810 Super Saw

order no.            description
1810-A                 Power Unit (discontinued)
1810-B                 Guide Washer (3)
1810-C                Guide Washer Springs (3)
1810-D                Guide Washer Wing Nut Set (3)
1810-E                 Depth Gauge Locker
1810-F                 Depth Gauge Assembly
1810-G                Depth Gauge Screw Set (3)
1810-H               Carriage Bolt (4)
1810-I                 Blade Guard Stopper
1810-J                Blade Guard Spring
1810-K                Horseshoe Screw Set (3)
1810-L                Blade Guard
1810-M               Blade Guard Retainer Ring
1810-N               Blade Driver Spacer
1810-O               Blade Driver Assembly
1810-P               Masonry Blade Adaptor
1810-Q               Power Cord set
1810-R              Brush Set w/Holder (not shown)
1810-S              Switch
1810-T              Armature w/Fan (not shown)
1810-U             Gear Cover w/Bushing (not shown)
1810-V             Spindle w/Gear (not shown)
1810-W             Ball Bearing (not shown)

Parts common with the 800

1800-C             Horseshoe
1800-D             Height Adjuster (discontinued)
1800-K             Masonry Blade Clamp
1800-O             2-Piece Carrying Case
1800-P            Carry Case Latch Set (2) (discontinued)
1800-U            Socket Set Screw
1800-V            Allen Wrench

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Parts
Condition New
Product Type Hardware > Tools